This is a documentation of my final year ongoing project. Exploratory in nature it started as a form of reflection, on life, the world around us and trying to see things for what they truly are.

With the help of a few tools( like p5.js, python, touchdesigner ) the aim is to explore possibilities revolving around the primary idea to gain some insights on the emergent behaviour of the complex networks we make and come up with different forms of exploration.

History always has been about evolution. About growth and interaction among each other. The way we communicate is very complex and unique. It has evolved over hundreds of decades throughout history.

How are we reacting to the technological advancements of our generation? What are the emerging consequences of our advancement as the future unfolds? With an ever improving communication, the content available is more than ever before. Its increasing exponentially and will continue to do so as we get more and more advanced. So there is going to be a shift in the way we use and see things, devices, products and interfaces. An emergent consequence of the internet and the handheld mobile devices is the social change in people from a regional cluster based life to a more socially connected one. So now people just love sharing stuff online. It happens through bit and pieces. Data and information being the root of it all, what is data, how is it changing over time and the potential it has as a narrative tool for emergent patterns.